Meath Apartment evacuations could have been avoided, but S.I.80 will not ensure compliance #bregs #MichaelCollins

by bregs blog admin team


Image: The Irish Times

The core issue is that we have had no proper Building Control in Ireland for over 20 years.  The reality is exemplified by the news this morning that another group of unfortunate residents have to leave their apartments which, it was reported on RTE, were constructed without obtaining a fire safety certificate.  That is a breach of the building regulations and people are entitled to ask how could that happen?  The answer is simple.  The Local Authorities did not have the resources in many cases to pursue such things but, more significantly, they have repeatedly claimed that they cannot bring successful enforcement proceedings in the courts because of the defects the current Building Control Act. You would expect that this would be the first thing to be fixed in any revision to the Building Regulations.  In fact, there is nothing in the new regulations (which are to come into effect in March 2014) that will address that issue. This brings us back to the reality that the State is intent on continuing with the “hands off”, “light touch”, “self-regulation” which has failed so spectacularly!  We will continue to have Building Control Authorities who can’t control.

Michael Collins, President of the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland 1986/87