“We simply cannot allow buildings to go uninspected.. #CiaranCuffe #bregs

by bregs blog admin team


..and I think that means Phil Hogan has to make sure that people inspect buildings. Whether its the council officials or whether its his officials, you need some system of inspection”

“Ultimately we have to move towards a registry for the builders, so we know if somebody is a bona fide builder or not, and also, I think the County Council or the City Council has to have some system of inspections. That’s what happens 50 miles up the road from Navan in Northern Ireland, it happens in Wales, it happens in Scotland, it happens in England. And around Europe there is some system of inspection”

“Without a reasonable expectation that you will be inspected, there will be people out there who will avoid complying with the letter and the spirit of the law”

Ciaran Cuffe on The Right Hook, Newstalk:   http://www.newstalk.ie/player/listen_back/9/5835/27th_November_2013_-_The_Right_Hook_Part_3 (Interview begins at 04:05)