Graham Usher raises concerns about the New Building Regulations

by bregs blog admin team

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“The state has a massive responsibility in what happened to Priory Hall. The state passed this legislation, this self-certification, and they introduced a building regime which essentially allowed builders to build property to whatever standard they wanted. And Priory Hall shows there is no protection to the homeowner”

“It is a lesson that doesn’t seem to have been learned on this. You can have the best regulations in the world, you can have the best laws, but there’s no enforcement Even under Minister Hogan’s new legislation, which strikes me as a bit of a half measure, there is no onus on local authorities to carry out any inspections whatsoever. The state is still abdicating their responsibility. In other countries you have local authorities going carrying out inspections at various stages of construction and you don’t have the sort of problems we have in Ireland”

Graham Usher speaking on Marian Finucane 13th October 2013:!rii=9%3A20453821%3A0%3A%3A