U.S. Report: Third-Party Building Code Enforcement: A Service Delivery Strategy With Cost Savings Potential, June 2013

by bregs blog admin team

In the United States local governments implement and enforce building codes. This report looks at the utilization of a third-party code enforcement program as a potential cost saving measure. A private sector company verifies compliance with building codes on behalf of the government regulatory agency.

Critically, the enforcer would remain independent from the design team and “to ensure that a third party is not self-serving, a government can specify in the contract or search criteria that the chosen third party will only work with governments—and not with the private sector”

The report includes an overview of a comprehensive third-party program and recommendations for establishing such a model. It also features jurisdictions with successful third-party enforcement programs, as well as companies that provide building department services across the U.S.

The report was written by Andrea Krukowski & Ryan Meres and published by the Institute for Market Transformation in June 2013