New RIAI Council Policy with regard to the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations SI9 (as revised) adopted on Friday 17 January 2014.

by Bregs Blog admin team

Policy Adopted by RIAI Council with regard to the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations (as revised), was adopted on Friday 17 January 2014.

1. We have asked (and we ask again) that the implementation date of the 1st March be postponed because systems and documents are not ready for implementation.

2. Self certification as set out in the SI, especially in the speculative residential sector, cannot be relied on to protect householders.

3. An appropriate system of LDI must exist alongside the Regulations, initially for the Residential sector.

4. A statutory Register of Builders must exist alongside the Regulations.

5. Legislation facilitating the putting in place of adequate enforcement mechanisms (including ADR) must be prioritised.

6. The documentation relevant to the consumers’ (legitimate) interest in a building or property should be readily available.