UK Article: House Builders blame red tape for 12% drop in Wales during 2013

by Bregs Blog admin team


Given recent industry estimates that the cost to the construction industry and consumer of Building Control (Amendment) Regulation (SI.9 of 2014) could be €3bn over 6 years, the equivalent of 30,000 jobs lost, it is interesting to see the negative effects of added bureaucracy  in Wales in this article. The current estimate for house builds abandoned in Ireland due to BC(A)R SI.9 for the 6 year period to 2020 is 10,800 or 1,800 per year.


Red tape has been blamed for Wales being the only part of the UK to see a drop in new houses registered. The overall UK figure increased by 28% to 133,670 in 2013 but Wales saw a 12% fall from 4,065 in 2012 to 3,577. House builders blamed over-regulation in Wales, a poor planning system and the delayed implementation of the Help to Buy scheme for borrowers.

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The above opinion piece was submitted by Maoilíosa Mel Reynolds on 19th February 2014.