Chartered Surveyors: “More Priory Hall scenarios could happen if the laws are not enforced”

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Kevin Hollingsworth, Chairman of the professional representative body of the Society of Chartered Surveyors of Ireland (SCSI) in a recent article in the Sunday Business post on 9th February 2014 on the importance of enforcement and resourcing of Local Authorities. The SCSI is a key stakeholder involved in the design of the regulation.

extract off article: “More Priory Hall scenarios could happen if the the laws are not enforced

One of the key issues in relation to the success of the new system will be the resourcing of the local authorities. The administration of the system will involve maintenance of submitted information and registers of certificates. A consistent approach to the administrative validation by individual local authorities will need to be demonstrated, to ensure confidence in the system by the industry and others affected by it.

Local authorities will also be responsible for the policing of the system. Traditionally, the building control system suffered resource issues and struggled to achieve 15 per cent rates of inspection.

By way of comparison, there is a 100 per cent inspection level for new homes in Northern Ireland. The same is the case in the US and in much of Europe, where 100 per cent inspection levels are required by law. The adequate resourcing of local authorities to carry out inspections and administration will be a key factor in the effectiveness of the new building control legislation.

The resources allocated by Local Authorities to the implementation of BC(A)R SI.9 in one of the issues noted in the recent repeated calls to ministers by the architect’s representative body the RIAI  to defer SI.9. The RIAI is also a key stakeholder in the formation process for BC(A)R SI.9.

Link to SCSI Sunday Business post article on 9th February 2014: Priory Hall Scenarios Sunday Business Post – 09022014.pdf

Link to RIAI letters to Minister Hogan and Bruton calling for deferral: