Building Control Guidance: BC(A)R SI.9

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Just one working week before the implementation date for please find correspondence issued by Kerry CoCo. It would appear that Tralee Fire station is the new location for the Building Control Management System (BCMS) for the county. From the correspondence some Building Control sections will be practising on the preferred E-lodgment system next week, less than 5 days to the implementation date of 1st March. We wonder how many additional skilled personnel have been allocated to understaffed building control sections throughout the country. Attachments to original correspondence are listed below (4 in total). Email presented without comment.


To:      Our list (email) of agents/consultants in Building Control matters in Kerry

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A Cháirde,

You are probably very aware of the above-mentioned regime that is coming into effect and into operation on 1st March 2014. The lead-in, as we are all aware, is slack on hard information and pre-launch guidance on either the substance of the new regulations or the operation of the new Building Control Management System (BCMS). Within Building Control Authorities, the impact is similar upon us as upon your-selves to a large extent. We are receiving some training on the BCMS and we will (here in Kerry) have an opportunity from next week to practice on the system.

I am attaching some documents which may be of assistance to you, including copy of a simple ‘Powerpoint’ presentation given to Kerry County Council this week, the DECLG simple guide to the new regulations, the regulations themselves SI 9 of 2014 and the Code of Practice for Inspecting and Certifying Buildings and Works as recently published.

I am aware of an Engineering Ireland (An Ríocht and Local Government Divisions joint) lecture on the new Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014.  It is taking place at 6:00pm, 25 February 2014 in the Sólás Building, North Campus, IT Tralee. All are welcome at this event, regardless of EI membership, and for my part I am happy to draw your attention to the same in the circumstances. The official EI poster for this presentation is also attached. The presenter is Mairéad Phelan, Senior Engineer at Fingal County Council. Mairéad herself led the pilot BCMS project hosted by FCC, so there is no-one better placed to answer your questions on the entire matter at this point than she is.

I intend to revert to you in the coming week or so with details of a seminar that Kerry County Council will arrange at which we will give out the information/knowledge that we will have at that time. You will be welcome to attend.

Individual owners, assigned designers, assigned certifiers and assigned builders must individually register themselves on the BCMS. May I draw your attention to the qualifications required for your registration in any of these capacities but designer and assigned certifier in particular. This is an essential pre-requisite to the registration on the BCMS of any Commencement Notice or 7-Day Notice from the 1st March 2014 onwards.

I would like to advise you also that from 1st March 2014, there will be a dedicated Building Control [BCMS] work station here at Fire Headquarters. This will comprise only of a PC at which you may, if necessary, interface with the BCMS yourself. We will be glad to assist you with the benefit of our own (emerging) training and knowledge of the system.

Let me emphasise that, whilst it is permissible under the regulations to submit a hand written or typed commencement notice or 7-Day notice with its supporting documentation in paper form to us here. It seems to me to make little sense to do so because of an amendment to Article 9 of the Principal Regulations.  Article 9 (1)(b) (i)  (III) requires “ the completion of an online assessment, via the Building Control Management System”. Furthermore, you may submit your Commencement Notice or 7-Day notice with its supporting documentation on USB Device or Optical media such as DVD or CD at the BCMS work station here at Fire Headquarters. However, the expressly preferred route is that you would submit all your documentation online directly from your own facility. Where paper-based documentation is submitted here, this Authority will scan the said documents and upload the same onto the BCMS on your behalf. This is chargeable work under the new regulations and a scale and schedule of said charges will be distributed very shortly. The said scale/schedule is set nationally rather than locally.

Regards for now,

Chief Fire Officer

Building Control Officer


An Riocht Lecture Series 2013-2014 - Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014  An Riocht AGM - 25th Feb 2014.pdf [Converted]

Presentation on BC Amendment Regs 2014 [Read-Only]

Guide to the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014

Code of Practice Building Control Regulations 2014

S I 9 of 2014