Press Article: New code could add €50k onto cost of self-builds

by Bregs Blog admin team

irish examiner

From the Irish Examiner, Friday, February 21, 2014. Extract:


People planning to build their dream home are in for a nasty shock following the introduction of new building control regulations, which could add up to €50,000 extra on to the cost of a constructing a one-off dwelling.

Clare councillor Richard Nagle predicts the new 2014 Building Control Regulations will effectively end the practice of direct labour, which will put the construction of new one-off houses beyond the reach of most successful planning applicants.

“Most people aren’t aware of the huge implications arising from these new unfair and unreasonable building regulations…There has been little or no problems with the standard of construction of most one-off houses in rural areas. There is no factual basis for crucifying people who want to build a permanent family home on their own land or those who purchased a site for a permanent house.”


The article is from the Irish Examiner By Dan Danaher on February 21st 2014. Link to article here: “New code could add €50k onto cost of self-builds”