Results for Twitter poll + RIAI Survey: is BC(A)R workable on 1st March?

by bregs blog admin team


A few days ago the Bregs Blog set-up a twitter poll. We wanted to see the if readers thought the industry is ready for Building Control (Amendment) Regulation (SI.9 of 2014) due to come in in one working week.. The online poll consisted of one question:

“Are you confident that the new Building Control (Amendment) regulations are workable on 1 March?”

Results are in and are pretty definitive. 100% of respondents polled:


In addition 95% of architects are not prepared to implement the regulations next Saturday, as reported by the representative body for architects the RIAI at a CPD event in the Aviva today (24th February) attended by over 500 members. The Breg Blog twitter poll supports the research done by the RIAI on implementation issues. The RIAI have repeatedly called for deferral of SI.9 on the grounds of lack of readiness in the industry.

Please keep your eyes open for more polls. The more responders we get the more accurate our results are. Many thanks to all who took time to respond. Organised by Bregs Blog.

Link to RIAI letters calling for deferral to Ministers Hogan and Bruton: