Job creation slowdown due to Building Control (Amendment) Regulation (SI.9 of 2014)

by Bregs Blog admin team

With all the recent talk of job creation we thought it might be useful to re-post this essay on job slowdown from earlier in the month.

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As noted in previous posts there is widespread concern regarding the upcoming introduction of SI.9 in just two working weeks on 1st March. Many influential stakeholders, consumer groups and government departments believe a significant hiatus will be created in both capital projects and also the construction industry in general. The RIAI, the architect’s representative body and an influential stakeholder involved in the design of SI.9, has recently called for deferral due to lack of industry readiness.

While delays in capital projects may ironically improve various departments spending year on year, delays in this critical area may affect the tentative signs of recovery recently noted by the Construction Industry Federation (CIF). Industry sources suggest the cost to the taxpayer, industry and consumer of SI.9 at €250m per annum, with little benefit to the consumer. What we have not discussed is the significant possibility of destruction of jobs and employment by this…

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