Radio Clip, Highland Radio: Councillor suggests submit commencement notices immediately

by Bregs Blog admin team


A Donegal councillor is urging people with planning permission to submit their commencement notices to Donegal County Council in the next two days in order to avoid substantial costs.

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Councillor Seamus O’Domhnaill says new building regulations which come into force from the 1st of March mean architects or engineer will have to sign off on every stage of a building, and every material used in its construction. He says this could add up to €15,000 to the price of constructing a House.

However, Cllr O’Domhnaill says if commencement notices are submitted before the end of the month, the new costs can be avoided.

He says the new regulations are secretive and unnecessary, and will place a burden on people building a new home……….