Still time to book places for CIF roadshow events

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Here are some dates for the diary for the Construction Industry Federation’s (CIF) public briefing events on Building Control (Amendment) Regulation (SI.9 of 2014). Current and potential new members of the CIF can look forward to more work as a result of BC(A)R SI.9. Based on a total output of 10,500 new houses per annum approximately 4,500 self-builds will now have no alternative but to employ registered contractors for their projects, with a further 1,800 abandoning their projects due to the increased costs of employing main contractors. Industry estimates this may cost the industry €325m in projects delayed or abandoned, while the net gain to established builders will be the increased turnover due to the legal obligations to employ a main contractor for all qualifying projects under BC(A)R SI.9.

4,500 house projects may net established contractors over €800m in additional turnover (€180k average house cost). Unfortunately the extensive additional costs of employing a main contractor and additional professional roles in SI.9 will be borne by the owner (self-builder) in these cases (conservative estimate 15% extra on construction cost of home).

The CIF own and operate the only government recognised private register of building contractors in Ireland. As this register is specifically written into SI.9 membership of the CIF register (CIRI) it is considered de-facto compliance of competence as builder. There has been widespread criticism in the industry and consumer groups of the government avoiding responsibility for independent regulation of the construction sector. The new voluntary private register of contractors CIRI is currently the subject of a european ombudsman complaint by the representative body for self-builders the IAOSB. Link here:

Link to IAOSB website: Take Action, Join the Campaign and stand Up for your rights action, join the campaign and stand up for your rights.html

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Extract off link “Still time to book places for CIF roadshow events”:

The Construction Industry Federation (CIF) is currently holding a range of free briefings around the country on the new bulding regulations and the construction register.  Members and non members of the CIF are invited to attend, the only requirement is that they register in advance.  There is no payment for these events.

The roadshow started 5th March in Limerick and there has been a strong events at the events held so far.

The remaining dates and the booking details are:

Venue: Tullamore Court Hotel, Co. Offaly.
Date: Monday 10th March at 5pm.
To book please contact Brid Cody on or by calling 021 4351410.

Galway & Mayo
Venue: Pillo Hotel, Galway.
Date: Wednesday 12th March at 9am.
To book contact Brid Cody on or by calling 021 4351410.

Sligo, Leitrim & Donegal
Venue: Sligo Park Hotel, Sligo.
Date: Wednesday 12th March at 4pm.
To book please contact Brid Cody on or by calling 021 4351410.

Dublin, Meath, Kildare & Louth
Venue: CIF, Construction House, Canal Road, Dublin 6.
Date: Thursday 13th March at 2pm.
To book please contact Gillian Heffernan on or by calling 01 4066016.

Quote from site:

The new building regulations took effect from 1st March 2014 and this has generated a lot of discussion and interest throughout the construction industry. There has also been a lot of confusion about how these regulations will impact on local construction companies and sole traders. The CIF briefing aims to provide clear details on the building regulations and how they will impact the sector locally.

Information will also be provided on the new register for the construction industry. Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI) is being set up to help distinguish competent, experienced construction companies from those who have given the industry a bad name.

Under the new building regulations anyone listed on CIRI will be deemed a competent builder and this has generated a lot of interest amongst those involved in the construction industry. The CIF briefing will provide construction companies, sole traders and builders with details on how CIRI works, why it has been set up and how they join the register.

There will also be information on all the other areas of interest to the sector, covering topics such as industrial relations & human resources, tendering and contracting as well as health and safety.

Speaking about the briefings, CIF Director General Tom Parlon said, “These briefings are aimed at providing useful information to construction companies and sole traders. Undoubtedly the new building regulations and the CIRI register will have implications for everyone involved in the construction industry, so we want to help ensure those in the industry are kept informed.

“There seems to be a lot of confusion about the CIRI construction register and the new building regulations, so we hope these briefings will help clear up some of those misconceptions. We’ll outlining clear, easy to follow information about the regulations and CIRI, how they will operate and what changes they will mean for construction companies and sole traders.

“We would like to invite anyone representing construction companies and sole traders to attend the briefings. CIF members and non members are welcome. That goes for builders, plasterers, sub contractors, carpenters, painters, glaziers, plumbers – anyone who is involved in any aspect of construction is welcome to attend. Our only request is that all those who would like to attend book a place in advance. There is no payment for attending the briefing.

“As well as the two big issues of concern we will also be using this briefing to discuss a range of other issues concerning the construction industry. A more informed construction industry is a better industry so we hope this will benefit everyone who attends and there will be a strong attendance as the roadshows tour the country,” Mr. Parlon concluded.