BRAB and BC(A)R SI.9

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The Building Regulations Advisory Body (BRAB) is set up under the Building Control Act to advise the Minister for the Environment on the building regulations. So, what does the BRAB think about the regulations brought in last March? Were they consulted about draft regulations in 2012? Presumably so. Do the BRAB think the 2013 regulations protect the consumer against future Priory Halls? Do they think the regulations protect businesses against the risk of intellectual property theft from all the drawings to be given to the local authority? Did BRAB discuss the possibility of independent inspections, which so many organizations called for in their submissions to the Minister on the draft regulations?

Presumably BRAB meets regularly and somebody keeps a record of what is discussed. There is no detail on the Department of the Environment website about this though. Presumably, too, all this information is available under an FOI request. Is there anybody with any information on when the BRAB last met – it must be since these regulations were introduced last March – who can offer any advice on this?

Link to BRAB – Department of the Environment, Community & Local Government


extract from site:

BRAB (Building Regulations Advisory Body)

The Building Regulations Advisory Body (BRAB) is a statutory body appointed by the Minister, under Section 14 of the Building Control Act, 1990 to advise him on matters relating to the Building Regulations. Membership of the body includes representatives from the construction industry and regulators at national and local level. BRAB was originally established in 1992. The current BRAB was appointed for a five-year term by Ministerial Order dated 14 June 2007.

The DEHLG (Building Standards Section) provides secretarial services to the BRAB. The DEHLG develops proposals to amend the Building Regulations and related Technical Guidance Documents (TGD) in consultation with BRAB.

Members of the BRAB:

Mr. Jay Stuart, Chairperson, Integrated Sustainable Design Const.

Mr. Michael Brown, National Standards Authority of Ireland.

Mr. Brian McKeon, Construction Industry Federation.

Dr. Eugene Farrell, Home Bond.

Mr. Mark McAuley, Building Materials Federation.

Ms. Denise Germaine, Chartered Inst. of Architectural Technologists.

Mr. Gerard Grogan, Tánaiste’s nomimee

Mr. Jim Keogh, Electro-Technical Council of Ireland.

Mr. Jack Callanan  National Disability Authority.

Ms. Emer O’Siochru, An Taisce.

Ms. Maria Melia, Chief Fire Officers Associations.

Ms. Ann Mills, City & County Engineers Association.

Mr. Johnny McGettigan, Irish Building Control Institute.

Ms. Minka Louise McInerney, Royal Inst. of the Architects of Ireland.

Mr. Jimmy Keogan, City & County Managers Association.

Ms. Krystyna Rawicz, Society of Chartered Surveyors.

Mr. Gary Treanor, Irish Timber Frame Manufacturers’ Association Ltd.

Mr Sean Balfe, National Standards Authority of Ireland.

Ms. Sarah Neary, Senior Building Adviser, Building Standards, DEHLG.

Mr. Noel Carroll, Senior Housing Adviser, DEHLG.

Ms. Jacqui Donnelly, Architect, Heritage Policy & Architectural Protection, DEHLG.

Ms. Terry Prendergast, National Consumer Agency

Mr Cian O’Lionáin, Principal Officer, Private Housing Sector & Building Standards, DEHLG

Ms Edel Collins, Office of Public Works

Mr Kevin O’Rourke, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland