Opinion Piece: A Self-Builder’s thoughts on CIF: BC(A)R SI.9.

by Bregs Blog admin team

philip crampton pat rabbitte and tom parlon 

Myself and my husband attended the CIF Roadshow yesterday. Mr Tom Parlon and Mr Hubert Fitzpatrick and others gave their presentation. I raised the question of self build/direct labour and was told its not banned at the moment, a self builder can still go ahead (next year this will change they said) but they fail to see any professional working alongside self builders. I did state that a self builder CANNOT still go ahead as they are not principals or directors of building companies.

They were basically recruiting people for the ciri at a registration fee of €738 incl vat. (Non profit making they said??) My husband asked if he joined would he be guaranteed work? I think you know the answer to that they said. They were then asked why anyone would join the ciri at that money when there was already the national guild list at €295 plus vat? No reply from the speakers – my husband then added ‘i suppose the national guild is in the bin next year as well!’ Finally they were asked will the people have to be qualified to be on this list? That will be a matter for the Board they said.

The fact is that there WILL be unqualified people on this list because there is NO School for Builders – this list will never, ever be credible. The whole notion of a statutory list for builders is nonsense. I am very caring and am a competent mother who can bandage a knee, give out medicine etc. But i cannot go on a Register of Nurses as i am not qualified to do so. We, as self builders will be lobbying for a Register of Qualified Tradesmen to be available at each Local Authority. Maybe the revenue generated from a modest registration fee can go towards salaries of Building Inspectors. Makes perfect sense to us!

The above opinion piece was submitted by Amanda Gallagher on 14th March 2014.