BC(A)R SI.9 and Law Society of Ireland?

by Bregs Blog admin team

In case anyone missed this earlier in the week heres a post on the legal conveyancing end: main certifiers may be the single-point of responsibility (solicitors may not request any ancillary certificates)

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Following the puzzling suspension of the Building Regulation Advisory Body (BRAB) in 2012 a stakeholder group was set up to progress SI.9 (post: “BRAB and BC(A)R SI.9“). This smaller steering group consisted of the representative bodies for surveyors, engineers and architects (SCSI, ACEI and RIAI respectively), along with the Department and the Construction industry Federation (CIF) only. Everybody knows the National Consumers’ Association, the Competition Authority, the National Competitiveness Council, ISME, IBEC, IDA and many more weren’t at the table. From a legal point of view, the one influential group not invited was the Law Society of Ireland.

There have been numerous legal and senior council opinions to date on SI.9. We have commented on some of these in previous posts “Legal firms advice: BC(A)R SI.9“. The law society’s members will be involved in day-to-day conveyancing of properties- this is the cliff face where legal determinations on the regulation will…

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