Government Reports & Professional Opinion Ignored in S.I.80

by Bregs Blog admin team

Here is a good recap for anyone not familiar with some of the submissions received in 2012 either ignored or disregarded by the Minister and Department in the formation of the new regulations. The figure of over 500 submissions has been often quoted as received during 2012. Some of the more important submissions are listed below. Click on links for original submissions.

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As Minister Hogan prepares to sign off on the final wording of the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations, we take a look at some of the government commissioned reports and the professional opinion that were ignored in the design of S.I.80.

Government Commissioned Reports:

The National Consumer Agency (2012): “the NCA would point to the undesirability of a situation arising whereby one entity could design, build, inspect and certify a building while no inspection by a Building Control Authority takes place.. Should a consumer purchase a dwelling become aware of non-compliance with building regulations, and bring the issue to the notice of the relevant Building Control Authority, the legislation allows the consumer to be designated as the party responsible for bringing the dwelling into a state of compliance. Consideration should be given to providing means by which responsibility for bringing a building up to a compliant state rests with the party…

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