Self builders appeal to Priory Hall residents: BC(A)R SI.9

by Bregs Blog admin team


The following is a letter written by Amanda Gallagher, self-builder, to the residents of Priory Hall. She asks for their support of an online petition protesting the abolition of self-building under Building Control (Amendment) Regulation (SI.9 of 2014). Spokespersons for residents have previously been very critical of the new regulation and the continuation of self-certification, and lack of appropriate independent local authority inspections: see our previous post “Lessons of Priory Hall were not learned in the creation of new Building Control Regulations“.

In a recent post here “ Legal perspective: consumer benefit?” Deirdre Ni Fhloinn, specialist construction lawyer and consultant, noted “ new legal rights or remedies for consumers created by BCAR 2014.” Amanda Gallagher’s letter to follow.


Dear Priory Hall Residents,

Please take a few minutes to read the following letter!

I am writing to you to implore your help at this difficult time in the Construction Sector in Ireland.

We are a Sligo family with 5 young children – we are in the planning process at the moment and my husband was going to ‘self- build’ our new family home as we have outgrown our current 3 bed council house.  We are a one income family and we had a tiny budget. We have spent thousands in architects fees and planning already and we are in a state of shock at what Minister Hogan is after doing to the citizens of this country.

Here is a link to an article I wrote on the issue; Self Build opinion piece

The Minister has used the example of Priory Hall to essentially ‘ban’ self building in Ireland.  He has the audacity then to say the reason he is doing this is so the likes of Priory Hall can never happen again.  The actual truth is unfortunately, he has just gone and enshrined the Developers and Builders who brought this country to its knees, into law – he is protecting the very men who have most of the country crippled with debt – instead of protecting the people he is elected to.

Building a home in Ireland right now with these regulations (known as SI9) is only for the very rich. This is not fair. We need to get them debated in the Dail and revoked and we need a better solution – there have been sensible solutions put to the Minister but he refuses to listen. Please sign our Petition so that this has a chance of happening:

Self builder’s petition

Residents – this Government and the Construction Industry Federation are the clear winners here – we, the ordinary people, lose yet again.  I want to tell you that they may have burdened us with debt, wiped out our future, shattered our dreams, trampled on us and made us cry but by God, do not let them do the same to our children.  Let us fight them on this.

You tell your little girls and boys, one day they may meet their Prince Charming or their Princess, they may come across a little plot of land – to build their dream home – their little Palace – where they can live happily ever after – they have every right to have this dream.  They have every right to have this dream without a severe financial burden being placed on them as well – I for one will not let any Minister rob my children of their hopes and dreams and I hope you feel the same.

Thinking of you,

Amanda Gallagher