TD’s suggest independent local authority inspectorate: BC(A)R SI.9

by Bregs Blog admin team


In this exchange Eoghan Murphy TD and Clare Daly TD ask Minister Hogan what benefit a reinforced system of self-certification will bring to the consumer. We have already noted no new consumer protection under SI.9 in a previous post “Will BC(A)R SI.9 bring any benefit to consumers?” Clare Daly suggests BC(A)R SI.9 “…is of little worth compared to prevention of the defect/non-compliance through robust inspections by competent public building control officials”.

A system of 100% independent inspections was proposed recently by two past presidents of the representative body for architects (RIAI) here:  How do we fix BC(A)R SI.9?. This system was at no cost to the consumer, would be self-financing and establish a comprehensive local authority inspection system based on the much praised UK model.

Inadequate enforcement of building standards and lack of resources allocated to local authorities for this purpose has been the subject of much criticism in the industry by industry and commentators. Key stakeholder representative bodies such as the SCSI and RIAI (surveyors and architects) have been very critical of this aspect of the new regime. The compelling case for deferral made by the RIAI was noted in our previous blog post riai confirms call for deferral of BC(A)R SI.9. A key issue was lack of industry readiness and inadequate resourcing of local authorities. Inadequate building control enforcement is discussed in the debate.

Link to debate here: 2014-03-Building+control#g898.q