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by Bregs Blog admin team

In case anyone missed it we’re running a BREG BLOG quiz to celebrate our upcoming milestone of 50,000 views (currently we’re at 48.5k). There are 2 prizes: first is an autographed copy of “Iggy Peck, Architect”. 30 pages, Written in rhyming quatrains.Colour illustrations. Full of wisdom and wit should be essential reading for anyone attempting to undertake roles of assigned or assigned certifier. Signed by Michael Collins and Eoin O’Cofaigh. Winners to be announced on Friday.

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In celebration of our upcoming milestone of 50,000 views, we will go more lighthearted for the weekend and have a short quiz (thanks to Deirdre Ni Fhloinn for idea!). Here we have an extract from a Law Reform Commission working paper. It has details of a proposal for compulsory registration of Irish building contractors: can you guess the year that this paper dates from? Spot-prize for winner. Extract :

Details of the scheme have not yet been worked out but its main features have been described by a statement from the Government Information Services in the following language:

“Broadly, the agreed scheme provides for the establishment of a body by the Construction Industry Federation for a registration of house builders who are competent, technically and financially, to undertake house building. The purchaser of a house built by a registered house builder will receive a six year guarantee from the builder, which…

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