Opinion Piece: THE GAME IS OVER- BC(A)R SI.9

by Bregs Blog admin team


The above opinion piece was submitted on 7th April 2014 by Amanda Gallagher, self-builder.

‘This place is a joke – we play games in here’ – these were the words spoken by Independent TD Mick Wallace during his recent emotional rant to Minister Shatter.  Some may say a political manoeuvre by Wallace. I, myself, say there must be some truth in his statement. The Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014 (SI 9) have to be the most contradictory, unjust piece of legislation ever to land on the laps of the Citizens of this country.  They are a joke – and they seem to me to be based on the popular board game Monopoly!

I cannot understand how legislation so ridiculous as the SI 9 could have taken two years to put together – one can only imagine that most of the time Minister Hogan, his officials in the Department and the Big Boys of the C.I.F were, in fact, playing games – Monopoly to be precise.

I would say there were many a day sat at the boardroom table in the Department – I wonder who took on the role of ‘Banker’?, I’m sure they were all excited to be handed their initial pile of money – and their excitement escalated as their portfolios grew to the point where the houses they accumulated meant that they could build hotels – all eyes were on Minister Hogan as he accrued enough dosh to purchase two utilities – ‘Electric Ireland’ and ‘Irish Water’ and one can only imagine the squeals of delight as the domination of the market by a single entity was finally achieved by the C.I.F – the clear Winners – driving all their opponents into Bankruptcy!

The BRAB (Building Regulations Advisory Board) were told to go home before the games began, Self Builders were not invited to these games and Architectural Technicians were shunned also. The other key stakeholders were put in ‘jail’, not listened too and never got the chance to throw the dice and pick a ‘get out of jail free’ card.

The above re-enactment bears an uncanny resemblance to what is happening today in our beautiful country – If it weren’t so serious, we could all fall about laughing until our eyes filled with tears – but the effects of the SI 9 are most serious.

No oversight from Oireachtas Committee, no Regulatory Inpact, no costing of changes to the economy.

Away from the shenanigans at the Dail, we have to try to wade through the muddy waters of the SI 9 to find some little piece of clarity.  The Guidelines that were given to us from the Building Control Authority are the most laughable thing I have ever read.  Points 11 and 12 are total contradictions – one said a self builder can build themselves, the next said you must employ a building contractor! This is more than a ‘typo’ – it is pure nonsense.

Self builders, architectural technicians, the Farming Community and every Citizen in Ireland needs a Government who protects them, who gives them and their children  some hope of a brighter future, who doesn’t intentionally rob them of their livelihoods, their dreams or weigh them down with unnecessary debt. They need the Minister, his officials and the C.I.F. to put away the Monopoly Board because for the past three weeks they’ve thrown away the rule book and instead of pushing tokens around the board they are pushing REAL PEOPLE – real peoples’ money, real peoples’ houses, real peoples’ livelihoods and real peoples’ hopes and dreams – the Game is over Boys!