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CONGRATULATIONS to the two winners Liam Boyce and Mary-Anne Parsons of our a short quiz (quiz here). The two prizes are book signed by contributors, Michael Collins and Eoin O’Cofaigh: “Iggy Peck, Architect” and “A day with the animal builders”. Both recommended reading, along with DOELG guidance, for anyone contemplating certifying under the new regulations. As of today we have over 51,200 views so many thanks to all who contribute and read our blog.


If you recall in our quiz we quoted an extract from a Law Reform Commission working paper and asked the year that this paper dates from. Hard to believe it’s 1977.

Details of the scheme have not yet been worked out but its main features have been described by a statement from the Government Information Services in the following language:

“Broadly, the agreed scheme provides for the establishment of a body by the Construction Industry Federation for a registration of house builders who are competent, technically and financially, to undertake house building. The purchaser of a house built by a registered house builder will receive a six year guarantee from the builder, which will be backed by the registering body. Every guaranteed house will be inspected by technical officers of the Department of Local Government (or, where appropriate, of Roinn na Gaeltachta) on at least three occasions (foundation, roofing and completion stages) and registered builders will be required to remedy any structural defects then observed. If a builder fails to remedy the defects, his name may be removed from the register and the purchaser will be compensated. A system of conciliation and arbitration will be established to resolve any disputes arising under the scheme. Two observers from the Department of Local Government will attend meetings of the guaranteeing body and the expenses of that body will be met by a small levy (about 1/4 of 1% of the purchase price of the guaranteed house). It is intended to enable builders who are not members of the Federation to be associated with the guarantee scheme.”

Answer: 1977