Breg Snapshot Survey: BC(A)R SI.9

by Bregs Blog admin team


BRegs Blog: Snapshot Survey of registered architects

A huge thanks to the 40% of our mailing list who responded to our Snapshot Survey on the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations, conducted over a 24-hour period on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week (8th and 9th April 2014). The survey was geared towards our registered architect/MRIAI followers. We may carry out some broader surveys in the future. As promised we are getting some preliminary results back to you within 24 hours of the poll closing.

The biggest surprise to us was the huge number of you who took the time to add constructive comments to elaborate on your answers. These will provide very useful guidance to us in determining future blog subjects.

Our respondents were almost entirely Dublin based and in private practice. Maybe we need to do some work around reaching out to our country brethren and those in education, industry and the public sector.

The most worrying result we got is that 78% of you are not satisfied with the advice you have received, from all sources, in order to undertake the roles of Assigned, Design and Ancillary Certifier. The most common comment was “Help!” and that is what we intend to go on doing.

Only 3% of you have submitted a valid Commencement Notice although 30% of you had prepared fee proposals for some or all of the Assigned, Design and Ancillary Certifier roles.

A very clear majority of you (80%) would like to see an alternative system of regulations or that the existing ones were deferred and that policy should be debated in public at a gathering of registered architects. Watch this space!

Sample comments:

“I may as well be unemployed as I have so little work”

“I have major concerns about liability and fee structure”

“Focus needed on practical guidance not pointing out the deficiencies of the RIAI”

“Usable documents and directions needed now!”

“The BRegs Forum Blog has clearly developed into a biased spokes mouth for the anti-BC(A)R lobby with little or no balanced opinion”

“Guidance is haphazard and confusing from all parties”

“Too much has been left for individual interpretation”

“More satire please to lighten the mood”