Listen to Seanad Debate: SI.9 (si.105)

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A Motion proposed by Senator Mark Daly and seconded by Senator Darragh O’Brien was debated earlier in the Seanad this Thursday, 10th April 2014. The debate was directed at the the making of better construction regulations in response to the Priory Hall and Pyrites scandals. The motion was “That Seanad Eireann resolves that Statutory Instrument No 105 of 2014. Building Control (amendment) regulations 2014 be annulled.” In the following audio clip a number of senators voice concerns over the current system of self-regulation, the devastating impact on self-building, additional costs and the apparent anti-consumer bias of the new building regulations.

Link to podcasst of the Seanad debate from Thursday 10th April 2014:

Seanad SI.9 (SI.105) Motion Thursday 10th April

Link to debate here

We have noted in earlier posts the official RIAI requests to Minister Hogan and Bruton in January 2014, to defer the introduction of the new regulations here. Self-builders have objected to Europe at the anti-competitive practices enshrined in here new regulation- see previous post on this here. The lack of any new consumer rights or protections under the new regulations has been noted by construction industry legal experts also (here).

Some extracts from Seanad Debate below,

Senator Norris 10/04/2014

“If the government introduces regulation and then exempts some of its own operations from those regulations there is something very fishy going on”

“The certificate does not contemplate fraud, concealment

set up an artificial paper trail … self certification does not work

“no requirement for the building control to check design or the work”

“the architect used to be able to rely on the advise of consultants, now the architect is solely responsible. We’re actually going to criminalise architects…an honest architect can be trapped by dishonesty and he can still become a criminal…500 to 8 voted that this was a dangerous proposal”

“ancillary certificates cannot be relied upon, so offer no protection for the architect…the certificates do not have let out clauses for fraud, dishonesty or concealment”

“I am very very worried about what the impact of the introduction of these regulations will be”

“this won’t protect the consumer”


Minister Phil Hogan 10/04/2014

“I am ensuring… the route to becoming a member of a professional body is becoming easier

…quoting Garrett Fennell  “recommendations to make is easier to become registered with the registered bodies”

professional bodies making outlandish quotationsnot allow any body to think this will be an easy way to financial extortion, make easy money

“open up the professional bodies more to people who have experience over the past number of years.. especially the Celtic tiger years”

“There is a not a majority of architects against  these proposals,the majority are in favour of these proposals… in fact the former president of the RIAI, Michelle Fagan is on the oversight group that is monitoring all of these regulations and has come out in support of these regulations”

I’m not making any apologies to anyone.. the customer comes first and its about time

“in the past.. professionals, particularly architects.. signed off on buildings without even seeing them”

“I make no apologies to the professional bodies for doing this”

Nonsense about €40,000

“people should be able to do this for a modest amount of money.. an average of €3000 in rural areas”

I’m coming from the point of view of the consumer