Radio Clip: Senator Mooney- BC(A)R SI.9

by Bregs Blog admin team


On Ocean Fm, Ireland’s fastest growing radio station on Thursday 17th April, Senator Paschal Mooney discusses comments made by Miniser Phil Hogan in a Seanad debate on 10th April 2014. He mentions a subsequent complaint made by the representative body for self-builders (IAOSB) to to Minister Hogan- see letter here. The IAOSB have confirmed that, contrary to the Minister’s statements, self-builders had never been part of any consultation or stakeholder process.

Listen to clip North West Today, Thurs, 17th April by OceanFM- click HERE

The building control segment starts on 26.48 to 37.56 and a short piece later.

The real-world costs for SI.9 for a typical house were noted. For a €180k house the additional costs for employing a CIF registered contractor would be €22k; in addition to additional professional fees total costs (including professional fees) could add-up to €40k for self-build typical dwellings. This is against the Minister’s quoted figures in the Seanad of between €1,000 and €3,000.

He notes CIRI, the contractor’s register owned and operated by the Construction Industry Federation (CIF), is written into legal documents, the Statutory Instrument. This, he feels, may suggest a “deal” done by the Government and the CIF to ensure only CIRI registered members can only works on residential builds.

The Senator notes there are only 2 registered certifiers in County Leitrim.

Towards the end of the segment Senator Mooney notes that the Law Society have recommended professionals not to certify self-build projects. This issue alone will preclude self-building at the moment in advance of a mandatory builder’s register.