Certifiers: call for help!

by Bregs Blog admin team


To all Certifiers: Request for input re duties, scope of services and costs!

We invite submissions from surveyors, engineers and architects, registered competent professionals, who intend to provide separate specialist certifier services for SI.9 to the construction industry. We think it would be of interest to readers to see what the various interpretations and methods of compliance with BC(A)R SI.9 are, anticipated duties and timescales, and consequent costs to design teams and clients. 

Currently it would appear that the representative body for engineers (ACEI) policy is for engineers to be appointed as ancillary certifiers- as far as we are aware the ACEI have only provided ancillary certifier documentation to members. The representative body for architects (RIAI) have a policy that appointments to the roles of Design and Assigned Certifier should be separate to the architect and have issued draft only documentation for both roles including ancillary certifiers. The RIAI have also issued draft ancillary certificates where the architect is not the assigned certifier. As far as we are aware the representative body for building surveyors (SCSI) have not issued any documentation or recommendations to members on the issue of participating in certifier roles to date.

The representative body for builders (CIF) has members who will also be acting in these roles, as a builder can employ an in-house professional instead of an independent certifier under the new regulations. We have not seen any CIF documents yet but we understand these are being drafted at present.

These are the organisations that will be providing information to the three categories of professionals currently registered and tasked with the new roles of certifier under the new building regulations. We have heard of some design teams who have been requested by procurement bodies, to include certifier duties into existing appointments at little or no additional fee for public sector projects. One registered architect who contacted the blog confirmed that they will be rolling-in Design and Assigned certifier duties at no additional cost to current full-service appointments.

As the industry is coming to grips with BC(A)R SI.9 we feel informed practical interpretations posted here would be of assistance to all involved: consumers, professionals and legislators. We previously have posted up very different industry interpretations regarding fees and costs for certifier roles, quite different to the costs noted by the Department and the Minister. More detailed information regarding the duties and work involved in compliance would be of benefit for all involved, including the Department and Minister who may not be aware of the extent of work required under the new regulations for professionals. Some feel the regulations are workable, but will be extremely costly; others feel that the regulations are premature and cannot work. Some practices may see competitive advantage being gained by offering certifier services at no additional cost. Others may see the regulations as a business opportunity to set-up specialist firms offering specialist certifier services.

We will be posting some of the feedback received shortly.