Practical Post 12: “architects only” club?

by Bregs Blog admin team


Practical Post 12: Public Sector restrictive practices: an “architect only” club?

We were appointed architects for a job under public procurement (local authority project). We’ve now been asked to also be Certifiers for the project and to negotiate a new fee for the new roles.

The original tender notice told me exactly what was required and I priced my bid accordingly. This time round, I do not know how many inspections are required, what paperwork I will have to produce, what expertise I will have to buy in or what additional PI cover (to certify the other consultants) I need to get. I don’t even know what contract I will be asked to sign. And all of this will be done behind closed doors with no competitive tendering. If the RIAI estimate of hours are correct this new role could cost as much as the first fee again.

Surely this will be open to legal challenge from someone else who objects to me getting exclusive access to make a private deal? I am very concerned that this job and methods of procurement may be questioned later on, with my current appointment being overturned and placed back out for public tender. I do not want to scale up and employ more staff with this risk hanging over the practice’s head.

How can this be allowed under the public procurement rules?

Attached: extract off typical public sector procurement guidelines (jpeg and pdf) : Tender Addendum – TR Clause 1.6

Tender Addendum - TR Clause 1.6


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