Specialist Certifier 1- ENGINEER: Questions and Answers

by Bregs Blog admin team


We recently invited submissions from surveyors, engineers and architects who intend to provide specialist certifier services for SI.9 to the construction industry. We think it would be of practical interest to readers to see what the various interpretations and methods of compliance with BC(A)R SI.9 are, anticipated duties and timescales, and consequent costs to design teams and clients.

Recently we received an email from a registered engineer who will be providing certifier services for the greater Dublin area. We thought it would be interesting to do a post on this, and we asked him a number of questions. These, we suggest, would be standard questions a client or design team would ask of any potential specialist Certifier.


Specialist Certifier 1- Engineer: Questions and Answers


What are your qualifications? BE CEng MIEI, MBA: I am a Chartered Engineer: Primary degree is Civil Engineering from UCD, also have a diploma in PM, and an MBA

Do you require a full design team to be appointed to projects for which you assume certifier roles? Depending on project type but in general yes

Do you have Professional Indemnity insurance, and if so to what level? Yes have Professional Indemnity insurance up to value of €0.5m each and every claim. This can be increased by request for projects as the needs require

Will you undertake roles of assigned and design certifier on projects? Assigned Certifier is what I’m focusing on initially but will consider design certifier if client requests same

What are your charges- is it lump sum or %? Lump sum and stage payments

For typical house (120 sqm value €180k) what would a “normal” certifier service and charge be for design and assigned certifier role? Really depends on the specifics of the project (location, project duration, builder experience etc) – I can tell you that recent quotes submitted ranged from 4.5k to 7.5k excl VAT

For typical house what level of inspection  would you anticipate? We are assuming maximum 4 no local authority inspections (if any at all). As the legislation is new I would anticipate very regular inspections during construction until get confidence with the builder and team.

Do you have a breakdown for a typical house inspections vs administration? approximately 100 hours for inspections. Start with weekly initially until I get to know the teams but likely to move out to biweekly.

What forms of appointment do you use? (afaik there are only ACEI ancillary certs and provisional drafts form RIAI ATM)

What level of information do you require from other professionals involved in projects? E.g. as-built drawings on completion etc? Ancillary certifications, copy’s of all design documentation and specifications, copy of planning submission etc

Do you provide certification services for self-builders, owners without 3 years relevant contracting experience, or will you certify only CIRI registered contractors? I am open to look at opportunities as they come – however will anticipate greater level of inspections in order to build confidence. The more experienced the builder the better to keep costs down for all concerned. If a client goes down the road of self build and subs to lots of tradesmen then I would envisage double the number of inspections

Will you provide certification services for developers in the build for sale sector (i.e. employed by developer)? Yes

Can you provide fire safety certificate and disabled access certificate services also? Yes

Will you undertake certifier duties for self-builds? where the owner is not an established contractor, a building company or someone with 3 years relevant building experience? yes open to this

Can you undertake BER certificates? Not at the present time but will look into providing in future

Other information: The new regulations provide greater onus in terms of time – professional bodies anticipate approx. 20 days equivalent per project to deliver the services appropriately. I’m eager to get a short project so can test the complete life cycle of the regulation changes – would price keenly if the right opportunity arose. I’m based in north Wicklow and cover greater Dublin area but I’m willing to provide services across the 26 counties depending on the demand.

As this is an opinion piece, we do not endorse or recommend any practices, interpretations or duties in this post. Many thanks to Tom Staunton for this opinion piece- submitted on 28th April 2014. 

(Email: assignedcertifiersireland@gmail.com).