6 questions employers should ask themselves

by Bregs Blog admin team


The following opinion piece was submitted by a registered architect on 7th May 2014 in response to previous post  “6 questions an Architectural Technologist should ask of their employer.”

6 questions employers should ask themselves.

1. Do my staff have the necessary skill and experience for technical site inspections, specification checking & design audit. Will I need to invest in upskilling?

2. What level of supervision do my staff have at present, do I need to make changes to the way that the office works?

3. Am I happy to have the design staff self-certify their own work or do I need to arrange an office audit team?

4. Will I personally have to take a more active involvement in site inspections and will this impact on my other work?

5. Will I take on the Assigned Certifier role, will I subcontract it out or will I be advising my clients to make separate appointments?

6. If I take on the role in-house will I get any additional fees for the additional work?


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