SPOT THE DIFFERENCE- Local Authority advice

by Bregs Blog admin team

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SPOT THE DIFFERENCE- Local Authority advice

Eagle eyed blog watchers may have noticed that the leaflet guide to the new regulations being  issued by the local authorities has quietly changed! With just two months since the introduction of BC(A)R SI.9 we see there is a new revised version of this Local Authority advice document.

We previously posted the conflicting and contradictory original version here: “conflicting information from local BC(A)R SI.9

Keen readers should spot the differences between the new version and old. The first section has new text (of interest to self-builders):

Note: This guidance provides general advice. It is not a legal interpretation of building control Regulations and should not be considered as such. Further guidance can be sought by contacting your technical advisor or your local Building Control Authority”

We wonder will there be more revisions to advice available from Local Authorities in two months time- an August 2014 version?

Here is the original pdf version of advice (March 2014 version): Guide to Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014


BC(A)R la 2

here is the new pdf version quietly released (May 2014 version): new Guide-to-the-BCAR -2014

new guide to bcar 2014 p1

new guide to bcar 2014 p2