6 questions for local authority staff

by Bregs Blog admin team


6 questions for local authority staff

  1. Have I received adequate training and support to operate the new system: do I have the right experience and technical knowledge to actively engage with registered surveyors, architects and chartered engineers and specialist designers?
  2. Do I have adequate resources and technical staff in my department to manage the new workload now and into the future as construction activity picks up-  is my department set up to work to tight statutory deadlines, allowing for staff leave, holidays and times when owners are under pressure to open for seasonal deadlines?
  3. Are the Local Authority projects I am working on exempt from BC(A)R S.I. 9- who has taken responsibility for making that determination?
  4. Who will act as Assigned Certifier for projects that are not exempt- do I need to take out my own Professional Indemnity Insurance if I am responsible for design certificates, inspections, ancillary certificates etc.?
  5. Do I have enough legal information to be able to advise owners, builders and designers about the regulations?
  6. Will I have to get involved in court cases in the future, when claims are made for building failures- if ownership of the local authority project changes e.g. if social housing is sold will I be liable to the new owners for any future claims for building failure?


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