Dáil Debate 27th May on Architectural Technologists: help needed!

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Architectural Technologists  & SI.9- Help required!  Dáil Debate 27th May 2014 

There is an upcoming debate in the Dáil on 27th May 2014 on Architectural Technologists and the Building  Regulations. Today, the 13th May,  TD Mick Wallace  invited submissions and questions from members of the construction industry to be sent to him for the debate.

We are passing on the invitation to blog readers to comment and/or email Mr Wallace with their questions, his contact details are below.

Mick Wallace, Dáil Eireann, Leinster House,, Kildare Street,, Dublin 2;

Tel: 01 6183287, +353 (0)1 6183287

Email: mick.wallace@oireachtas.ie;

Facebook: www.facebook.com/wallacemick;

Twitter: www.twitter.com/wallacemick

Any relevant comments we receive here we will be passing on to Mr Wallace also. Link to Mick Wallace TD previous statements click here.

We are aware that the RIAI recently announced a policy change and are now working towards seeking a Statutory Register for Architectural Technologists- extract off policy note to members to follow.



Published: Thursday, March 27, 2014

At its meeting in Dublin Castle on 7th of March 2014 RIAI Council adopted a policy based on a set of principles aimed at strengthening the role of RIAI Architectural Technologists within industry and within an evolving legislative environment.

The past two decades have seen transformations in the Irish economy and the building industry. New methods of design and procurement have led to the evolution and development of professional roles within the design and construction teams. Architectural Technologists have responded positively to these changes and now play key professional roles as technical designers, skilled in the application and integration of construction technologies in the building design process. In doing so Architectural Technologists are now key partners to Architects in the building design process. The RIAI values and supports this development.

The RIAI supports the emergence of the 4 year NQAI Level 8 Honours Degree programmes – BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology. As the professional body for Architectural Technologists in Ireland the RIAI will continue to safeguard professional education standards by reviewing and accrediting Architectural Technology programmes nationally. The RIAI now proposes to engage with the relevant educational institutions with the aim of supporting the development and accreditation of Architectural Technology professional practice education with a view to the establishment of a Statutory Register of Architectural Technologists in Ireland.

Within this the RIAI aims to establish the educational and professional practice standards and structures necessary for the statutory recognition of the professional Architectural Technologist as a distinct, technically focussed discipline within the collaborative profession of Architecture in Ireland.

Central to the development of a Statutory Register of Architectural Technologists will be clarity on function, professional recognition and mutual respect for the roles and competencies of both Architectural Technologists and Architects in Ireland. The RIAI is uniquely placed to represent Registered Architectural Technologists in their efforts to consolidate a professional status, complementing the role of Registered Architects in the building design process.

The RIAI recognises that in these times of great technological change there are new ideas to be spread, new building blocks in knowledge and learning to be shared, new industry collaborations to invite, pragmatic wisdom to be received, and hope and ambition for both professions to excite. Registered Architects and Registered Architectural Technologists will be stronger working together for Architecture and the common good.

The policy adopted by RIAI Council on 7th of March 2014 is as follows:

The RIAI Council in principle approved the following:

1. The RIAI will begin to establish an non statutory RIAI Register of Architectural Technologists.

2.The RIAI acknowledges and supports the need for a Statutory Register of Architectural Technologists.

3.The RIAI will promote such a Statutory Registered Architectural Technologist as a competent person to:
a)  Carry out Performance Calculation & Technical Design in accordance with Building Regulations.
b)  Certify Performance Calculation & Technical Design carried out in accordance in Building Regulations.
c)  Inspect the construction of buildings as required to certify compliance with Building Regulations.

4.The RIAI will support the development and establishment of an Architectural Technologist Register Admission Examination for purposes of entry to a Statutory Register of Architectural Technologists.

5.The RIAI will develop and establish an RIAI code of conduct for professional practice as a Registered Architectural Technologist, and will develop and establish a Professional Conduct Committee to administer the code.

The RIAI recently announced a policy change and are now working towards seeking a Statutory Register for Architectural Technologists.


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