Specialist Certifier 4- COMPANY: Questions and Answers

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Following on from our three widely-read Q+ A posts from a specialist certifiers (a registered engineer, architect and building surveyor) we received this contribution from a company who will be providing certifier services. As with previous posts these standard questions are the ones a client or design team would ask of any potential specialist Certifier. We recently invited submissions from surveyors, engineers and architects who intend to provide specialist certifier services for SI.9 to the construction industry. We think these four posts are very practical information for practitioners and consumers alike regarding  anticipated duties and timescales, and consequent costs to design teams and clients of Building Control (Amendment) Regulation (SI.9 of 2014).

As this is an opinion piece, we do not endorse or recommend any practices, interpretations or duties in this post. Many thanks to Eóin Leonard of i3PT Certification for submitting this post

(email:Eoin@i3pt.ieW: www.i3pt.ie : www.i3pt.co.uk)

Specialist Certifier 3- COMPANY: Questions and Answers

What are your qualifications? BEng, CEng, MIE, MIFireE, MIEI, PMP, CDCDP : i3PT Certification are a multidisciplinary certification body with engineers and chartered engineers from M&E, Fire, Structural and Civil engineering backgrounds working on our team. We also hold Project Management, Data Centre-specific and other specialist qualifications within our team. While one individual signs as Assigned Certifier, our clients get the benefit of the full team.

Do you require a full design team to be appointed to projects for which you assume certifier roles? Yes, always. I3PT Certification are not a design team and as such remain fully impartial as Assigned Certifiers.

Do you have Professional Indemnity insurance, and if so to what level? Yes, insured to €20,000,000.00 for PII and can offer extended reporting periods for larger, higher consequence class projects.

Will you undertake roles of assigned and design certifier on projects? Yes, but demand has primarily been for Assigned Certification. i3PT Certification conducts design review against TGD Part B related systems irrespective of whether or not we are appointed as Design Certifier. We also sometimes require Peer Review or 3rd Party design review for critical building elements to ensure robustness.

What are your charges- is it lump sum or %? Charges are specific to each project, based on scale, complexity and risk. A lower value apartment block for example might be more onerous and time- consuming than a higher value industrial build. As such, percentages are difficult to rely on.

For typical house (120 sqm value €180k) what would a “normal” certifier service and charge be for design and assigned certifier role? I3PT Certification are not engaged in the one-off residential sector but we can offer quotations once applications are made via www.i3pt.ie

For typical house what level of inspection  would you anticipate? Again, this would vary depending upon speed of build, complexity, materials used and the presence of qualified professionals in the team. It is important however to note that a good deal of the Assigned Certifiers work will take place off-site also and inspections only make up a percentage of the ultimate costs.

Do you have a breakdown for a typical house inspections vs administration? It would be close to 60:40 but I know of a project we have engaged in where it is 75:25. The greater the scale and complexity, the greater the number of inspections. The larger the team, the more coordination is involved. There are no set ratios.

What forms of appointment do you use? We have a tailored contract for Assigned Certifier appointments. It has been drafted specifically to cover the SI 9 requirements and offer optimal protection for our clients.

What level of information do you require from other professionals involved in projects? E.g. as-built drawings on completion etc? Our Quality Management System is quite detailed but as a minimum we require detailed drawings, specifications, program of works, inspection reports and ultimately Ancillary Certificates from all consultants and specialists.

Do you provide certification services for self-builders, owners without 3 years relevant contracting experience, or will you certify only CIRI registered contractors? We are not engaged in the one-off residential sector but we would be very unlikely to accept a self-build project if we were. A competent, experienced builder is central to the efficacy of BCAR.

Will you provide certification services for developers in the build for sale sector (i.e. employed by developer)? No.

Can you provide fire safety certificate and disabled access certificate services also? While we have the in-house expertise necessary and therefore could offer this, it would constitute a design service and as such would present a potential conflict of interest for a certification body. As such, this is not a service we currently offer.

Will you undertake certifier duties for self-builds? where the owner is not an established contractor, a building company or someone with 3 years relevant building experience? No

Can you undertake BER certificates? Not at this point in time.

Other information: i3PT Certification specialise in larger projects such as industrial, commercial, healthcare, education and large office builds. As a certification body we are 100% independent, as we do not offer design services and we are particularly well insured to deliver compliance on higher consequence class projects. We have our own proprietary cloud-based software for logging and tracking evidence of inspection during the construction project, CertCentral. Visit us at www.i3pt.ie


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