MISSING PERSON- the Design Certifier?

by Bregs Blog admin team


The following opinion piece was submitted by a registered architect to the Blog on 15th May 2014.

Opinion Piece: MISSING PERSON- the Design Certifier?

A contributor on Twitter pointed out on 14th May 2014 that the new SCSI Owners Guide makes no reference to the Design Certifier– 

(Link here: SCSI guide bcar si9

We went looking. First, on the LGMA (Local Government Management Agency) BCMA website

(Link here: localgov.ie bcms)

” Building Control Management System (BCMS).  The BCMS will allow building owners to nominate an Assigned Certifier and Builder for the development works”


“…additional requirements include:

1. The nomination of a competent ‘Assigned Certifier’ to inspect and certify the works

2. The assignment of a competent builder to carry out the works

3. The submission of Certificates of Compliance on completion”


So, we looked at the Guide issued by the 34 Local Authorities-

(Link here: BuildingControl Guide to BC(A)R SI.9 of 2014.pdf )

“The BCMS will allow building owners nominate an Assigned Certifier, and a Builder for the development works. The BCMS will also allow the Owner, Assigned Certifier, and the Builder to fill out the required Notices and Certificates online. Each party must be registered with the BCMS to fill in or sign their respective parts”


The issues of concern with the role of Design Certifier have been noted in previous blog post:

“alarming issues with role of design certifier-bcar si9/