An Architectural Technologist Dáil letter

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The following letter was submitted by an Architectural Technologist to Mick Wallace TD in advance of a Dáil debate scheduled for May 27th 2014 on Building Control (Amendment) Regulations (SI.9 of 2014).  In an earlier post  have noted Mr Wallace’s invitation for submissions and have posted up some qestions already submitted by Architectural Technologists (click to view post here). The name of the non-Dublin based Architectural Technologist has been removed at the author’s request.


Dear Mr. Wallace

Thank you for taking an interest in this issue and hopefully you will get a chance to put our case forward on the 27th May.

My own situation is as follows:

I have an honours degree in Architectural Technology and am a Technologist member of the RIAI and a member of the CIOB. I have been working as a Technologist for 23 years with experience in design, project management, certification, building regulations etc. I have been self employed for the last 7 years.

Architectural Technologists have been totally excluded from the role of assigned certifiers and because of this I find myself in the position of having to tell both existing and potential clients that I can no longer supervise or sign off on their projects. I am already loosing work because of this.

The regulations refer to competent persons carrying out these roles and I would consider myself very competent and experienced and have been undertaking these duties throughout my career to date. The new regulations have taken this from me and so taken my career basically. A self employed Technologist cannot rely on another Architect or Engineer to carry out these roles as the client will simply go to those for the entire project.

In a recent Seanad debate Minister Hogan referred to the regulations excluding non-professionals and thereby inferring that Architectural Technologists are unqualified. This is extremely disrespectful to my profession and I see it as at best a lack of knowledge on his part.

The RIAI are also to blame in that they have not pushed for us to be included as assigned certifiers. They state that we can be ancillary certifiers, which basically puts us on a similar level as window suppliers, electricians, plumbers etc.

An obvious solution would be to create a register of professionals who could act as certifiers and that this be based on qualifications and experience, not just a blanket restriction on anyone outside the Architect, Engineer or Surveyor headings.

I appreciate your time and interest on this matter.

 I look forward to following the debate on the 27th.


an Architectural Technologist


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