Architectural Technologist’s personal letter to TD

by Bregs Blog admin team


The following letter was sent into the blog on 21st May 2014, a copy of correspondence sent to Mick Wallace TD earlier in the week. The letter is presented without comment.

Architectural Technologist’s personal letter to Mick Wallace TD

I’m attaching my email to Mick Wallace which I sent at the weekend. Ive been in contact with the IATGN & have collected 250+ email address of AT’s via my circle of college friends, also a message I put up on Linkedin.

I’m like so many others are off out on my own, sitting in my home office working hard trying to get by.  These AT’s need repesentation, by nature AT’s keep their head down & work very hard in silence with nobody to repesent them as a united group of hard working well educated competent professionals.

I emailed Mick Wallace my personal position im in & how I ended up here. I didn’t going into the greater detail of Architectural Technology & the after shocks of SI 9. As he will be well aware of what this has done to our profession. I want to let him know that I had no other choice put to set up & fend for myself.

Mr Hogan doesnt care about me or the many other like me. I part time employ 3 people & always look for fellow AT’s as I want to give to them what I would like myself, a chance.


Hi Mick

I’m writing to you regarding your up coming Dáil Debate regarding SI 9 & the omission of Architectural Technologist from it.

I will keep this as short as possible as you will be well aware where Architectural Technologist have been left from the many other emails you will have received.

I personally qualified in 2002 from DIT with an upper merit & worked for Engineering & Architectural firm until 20011 when I was laid off from the company that I had worked for the previous 7.5 years. At the same time my wife & I had our twin boys Rían & Rhys which were born 8 weeks early. Rhys contracted meningitis when he was 8 days old & a brain bleed was also noticed. The boys spent 4 weeks in hospital. When they got home I took 2 weeks off to help take care of them, on my return to work I was made redundant. I received social welfare for 12 months but was not entitled to any further benefits after that as my wife works. My only option was to become self employed. To-date I am 2 years in operation, The current regulations regarding SI 9 has left me in a very volatile situation causing me to question why I have spent half my life (17 years) within & studying a profession that has been virtually erased with a stroke of Mr. Hogan’s pen.

I do this because I love what I do, I have to provide for my wife & twin boys. All my clients are friends, family & local rural people.

I look forward to hearing from you & I would like to thank you for what you are doing,

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate in contacting me.


Barry Dip. Arch. Tech.


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