Practical Post 19: Phased completion & BC(A)R SI.9

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Practical Post 19: Phased completion & BC(A)R SI.9

Confusion over Housing Development

I am a registered architect who is doing a feasibility study for a residential development site. I recently called in to my Local Authority to ask if anyone could help me with phasing queries and BC(A)R SI.9. The building control officer was not in a position to answer these but kindly provided the current draft building control guidelines, noting that these were draft only and would be finalised by September 2014.

This is a link to draft “Code of Practice for Inspecting and Certifying Works” here:


These are attached and an extract off the relevant section dealing with phased developments follows:

Code of Practice for Inspecting and Certifying Works (extract):

8.4 Phased Completion For buildings that are completed on a phased basis for occupation, for example houses or apartment blocks, it is appropriate that certificates of completion for each phase may be submitted. Where it is in order, the Building Control Authority should accept the certificate for the particular phase and place it on the register. On completion of the entire project a final complete certificate of compliance on completion should be provided

This seems to cover the usual situation where housing in an estate or an apartment block can be completed and sold as they are built. My queries are:

  • Do I submit a Commencement Notice for each house on an estate or do I do one per group or phase of houses?
  • If I do one for the full development, can the houses that are finished first be sold before the ‘final’ Completion Certificate?
  • What is a “final completion certificate”?
  • If I do one per house, does there have to a separate appointment of Certifiers, Assignment of Builder, Inspection Plan etc. for each house. In that case it seems like there will be a lot of duplication.
  • If it is a block of apartments and the Completion Certificate for Apartment 1(a) is validated, can this apartment then be sold, even though the “final” certificate for the building, including the fire-stopping in the roof is not yet lodged with the local authority?
  • If one apartment can be sold with the other areas still incomplete, where is the protection for the homebuyer?
  • How will phasing or partial completion affect conveyancing? Will buyers be affected by new validation procedures?
  • Will all common areas, landscaping and access etc. need to be completed and validated with local authority in advance of building phases? If so this will increase my client’s upfront financing costs.

Unfortunately I am none the wiser for reading the code of practice. Help?


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NOTE: This series of posts is not meant to undermine or be in opposition to any professional advice from registered representative bodies: rather it is to offer additional technical aids to those that find themselves in the unenviable position of having to deal with SI.9 in it’s current form at present. As with all information posted on the Blog we urge all practitioners to check with their respective professional bodies before assuming any roles or duties under Building Control (Amendment) regulation (SI.9 of 2014). We hope to post a number of these practical posts and list in one area, so home owners, SME’s and professionals can drop in and click on a particular topic to get summary information that may be useful to them while working within these new and difficult regulations.