4 tips for Design Certifiers…

by Bregs Blog admin team


The following short posts were submitted by a registered architect to help others negotiate through the difficult implementation issues associated with BC(A)R SI.9

4 tips for Design Certifiers:

1. Don’t write the Inspection a Plan if you are not the Assigned Certifier. If there is a problem later the AC (or their PI insurer) could try to make you liable for not including something.

2. Get the Assigned Certifier to confirm that your design and specification are compliant before they lodge the Commencement Notice. Get it in writing with a copy of all the documents attached and signed off.

3. Copy any design changes during the site stage to the Assigned Certifier. Make it their responsibility to tell you in writing within 1 week if anything is not compliant. This will save you from any disputes at completion when it is too late.

4. Tell every other designer (design team, sub-contractors and specialists) that it is their responsibility to get design changes signed off for technical compliance by the Assigned Certifier before the drawings are issued.

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