More Architectural Technologist Dáil letters

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More Architectural Technologist Dáil letters

The following letter was submitted by an Architectural Technologist to Mick Wallace TD in advance of a Dáil debate scheduled for May 27th 2014 on Building Control (Amendment) Regulations (SI.9 of 2014).  In an earlier post we noted Mr Wallace’s invitation for submissions and have posted up some qestions already submitted by Architectural Technologists (click to view post here). The name of the Dublin based Architectural Technologist has been removed at the author’s request.


Dear Mr. Wallace

Why would any prospective student want to go into an Architectural Technology course that has no legitimacy in the profession and no standing in society.  Architectural Technologists do the work for which they are academically qualified and with experience competent to do, BUT with no statutory legitimacy to do it. Architectural Technologists have been neglected by the RIAI who have let this mess fester for years despite repeated calls for action from their AT members.

A statutory register with the competencies of  Technical Design (and certification of same) for building regulations, Performance calculation (DEAP, U Value calculation, Thermal bridging etc), certification of same for building regulations and Inspection on site for compliance with design for building regulations (and certification of same) is a start and will establish the “technical professional” that is so necessary for the design and construction industry in Ireland today.

This is why I asked you Mick Wallace to ask the Minister:

“Will he instruct the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government, the civil servants whose responsibility this will be, to setup a register along the lines of the CIF register of builders so that when the legislation is opened to admit the builders on a statutory register is will also admit the architectural technologists on a statutory register?”


an Architectural Technologist


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