Letter 1+ 2- Replies to Minister’s Irish Times Letter

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The following letters were published in the Irish Times on Saturday 24th May 2014 by Barry Kelly and Michael Duffy in response to Minister Phil Hogan’s Letter to the Editor on May 23rd 2014. Links to relevant letters and posts are included at the bottom of the following piece. 

Building control regulations – Letters | The Irish Times – Sat, May 24, 2014

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Extract from letters in The Irish Times:


Sir, – I note the irony that our Minister for the Environment is once again throwing out much heat but very little light (March 23rd). His statistics on commencement notices do not take account of those validated – surely the only proper and correct criteria for such a comparison.

The statistics prepared by his own department in this respect are those quoted by Frank McDonald. The Minister is entitled to his own opinions, but not his own facts and the actual facts speak far more loudly than his rhetoric. – Yours, etc,


Carew Kelly Architects,

21/22 Grafton Street,

Dublin 2.


Sir, – Notwithstanding the interest and participation of the public in your “Letters to the Editor”, is it my imagination or is there now a concept of government via Letters to the Editor? Why did Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan not clearly state that which he now communicates in his letter to you (May 23rd) when the amended building control regulations came into effect on March 1st?

As a chartered civil engineer, I can tell you that for the month of March I advertised my availability to act as a certifying engineer with respect to these new amended regulations. I had two inquiries; no work, just two inquiries.

This amendment has increased the cost of construction of an average rural home by approximately €8,500 over prior costs. This is principally as a result of the new compulsory inspection and certification regime and the implications for professional indemnity insurance. – Yours, etc,



Co Clare.

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