RIAI NEWS ALERT: Architectural Technologist Register

by Bregs Blog admin team


The following new alert from of the representative body for architects (RIAI) to members was sent on Monday 26th May 2014. President of the RIAI Robin Mandal pictured.

RIAI NEWS ALERT: Architectural Technologist Register

At the 7th March 2014, the RIAI Council voted to support in principle the following policy in relation to Architectural Technologists:

1.RIAI will set up an RIAI Register of Architectural Technologists immediately.

2.RIAI acknowledges and will support the need for a Statutory Register of Architectural Technologists.

3.RIAI will promote such a statutory Registered Architectural Technologist as a competent person to:

(a) Carry out Performance Calculation & Technical Design in accordance with Building Regulations
(b) Certify Performance Calculation and Technical Design carried out in accordance in Building Regulations
(c) Inspect the construction of buildings as required to certify compliance with Building Regulations

4.The RIAI will support the development and establishment of an Architectural Technologist Register Admissions Examination (ATRAE) for purposes of entry to the Statutory Register of Architectural Technologists. The examination should be at a level which recognises the education, experience and skills of the Architectural Technologist.

5.RIAI will develop and establish an RIAI Code of Conduct and a Professional Conduct Committee for professional practice as a Registered Architectural Technologist.

This is an important time for architectural technologists and the adoption of the policy in principle, underscores the Institute’s commitment to Architectural Technologist Members. There are a number of issues to be considered in setting up the voluntary RIAI Register so as to give the best possible effect and to future actions in this area.

Architectural Technologists are fully involved in this process and a series of meetings are being and will be held to develop the next steps and appropriate mechanisms for consultation.

As President I will work to ensure the best possible outcome for Architectural Technologists at this time.

Robin Mandal

RIAI President

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