Letter 3- Reply to Minister’s Irish Times Letter

by Bregs Blog admin team


The following letter was submitted to the Irish Times on Monday 26th May 2014 by Michael Finan in response to Minister Phil Hogan’s Letter to the Editor on May 23rd 2014. Links to relevant letters and posts are included at the bottom of the following piece. 



An insult thrown at a journalist and author like Frank McDonald who has published numerous works dealing with poor building control and another one thrown at the open debating online BRegs blog who are providing very important unbiased information to the people of this country without any cost is implausible.

The claim that architects, engineers and surveyors are reluctant to take on the role of signed certifiers should be taken very seriously. Imagine the cost of having a registered representative on site full-time while building work is being carried out, without which any of these professions would be compromising their professional practices. By signing-off to the local authority the regulation is a legal time-bomb requiring unlimited warranty to the Government, not the home owner, on future building projects. The home owner pays the piper but does not get to call the tune. The majority of past building projects were not carried out using sloppy practices and sloppy building practices will not be stopped by the new regulations.

The minister on the side of the home owner and better protection for the consumer can take some responsibility for the bleeding austerity burdens people are experiencing. This building control regulation is adding considerable unnecessary costs to new home owners. Perhaps this sharp instrument at the home owners and consumers side will soon be removed.

Michael Finan

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