Building Control Officers: Survey

by Bregs Blog admin team


BRegs Blog: Snapshot Survey – Building Control Officers

The BRegs Blog conducted a snapshot survey of Building Control Officers at some of Ireland’s 34 Building Control Authorities in relation to their experience of the operation of the Building Control Management System. The survey was carried out over a three day period up to Friday 23rd May 2014. Approximately 90% of the respondents had processed and validated between 5 and 20 Commencement Notices each.

In order to maintain confidentiality it was agreed that the number of Building Control Authorities approached and the number of actual respondents would not be published. It is worth noting that the response rate would accord with industry standards for surveys of this nature. Furthermore the consistency in the responses to the questions asked and the comments provided would indicate that the results are an accurate reflection of the attitudes of Ireland’s Building Control Officers to the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations (BC(A)R S.I. 9.

The good news is that 76% of the Building Control Officers surveyed believe that BC(A)R S.I.9 will improve overall compliance with Building Regulations on Ireland’s building sites. However 45 % do support and a further one third might support an alternative system to BC(A)R S.I.9 involving independent inspections by properly resourced Building Control Officers and/or independent approved inspectors. Only 22% were against such an alternative system.

The biggest concerns that the Building Control Officers had were as follows:

  • Only 10% of Building Control Authorities appear to have defined what constitutes a valid Commencement Notice submission
  • Only 12 % of Building Control Authorities appear to have defined what constitutes an inspection plan for building site visits by Building Control Officers
  • 80 % of respondents were continuing to experience I.T. problems with the system
  • 89% of Building Control Officers felt that the training received was inadequate

Sample comments:

“Building Control Officers in many Local Authorities have other responsibilities e.g. planning enforcement or fire safety certificates. There is not enough time to carry out all of the assigned duties and site inspections without additional resources”

“There are many problems with the BCMS: no way to upload completion documentation, inspection reports, diary planning, notification of further information request, email sent records, commencement notices for retention or partially completed developments”

“It is probably too late, as no training was provided. Everyone had to try and figure it out for them self by trial and error. A user manual would be useful.”

The Blog admin team would like to thank all the Building Control Officers who took the time to complete the survey and also the informative comments and observations forwarded on to us here. Individual questions are listed along with percentage replies on the following infographics:


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