4 tips for Assigned Certifiers…

by Bregs Blog admin team


The following short posts were submitted by a registered architect to help others negotiate through implementation issues associated with BC(A)R SI.9

4 tips for Assigned Certifiers…

1. Set up an online ARCHIVE for records, you’ll need to keep this for at least 6 years and to be able to search the documents, photos and drawings by date, contents, supplier etc.

2, Make a record of EVERYONE (person or company) who will be signing Ancillary Certs, including their qualifications, areas of competence, contact details, company registration, PI insurance etc.

“Competent Person: a person is deemed to be a competent person where, having regard to the task he or she is required to perform and taking account of the size and/or complexity of the project, the person possesses sufficient training, experience and knowledge appropriate to the nature of the work to be undertaken”

3. CHECK all design drawings, specifications and certificates that you receive for compliance and make a record of your check. If the design is outside your field get someone else to check.

KEEP YOUR NERVE. If something is not compliant or if you don’t have all the information don’t rush into signing off or sending out a Certificate under pressure.

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