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Dear BReg Blog Reader / Twitter Follower,

Following on from previous popular snap-surveys we note it is 100 days since the new Building Control (Amendment) Regulations (BC(A)R) were introduced. The purpose of this BRegs Blog survey is to gauge the impressions and experiences of our followers of BC(A)R after its first 100 days in operation. We would like you to complete our latest survey.

Link to survey: Assigned_Certifier_100_Days

It is a short survey and should only take a couple of minutes to complete. It has an in-built question logic (ten questions if you have been an Assigned Certifier and five if you have not). The data collected will be used to prepare future BRegs Blogs. Your assistance in completing the survey over a five working day period up to 17.00 hrs. on Friday 13th June 2014 is appreciated.

We undertake to publish preliminary feedback from the survey within one week of its closing.

Thanks from

the BRegs Blog  Team.

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