€10m Pyrite compensation pack agreed – Will anything change under the new regulations?

by Bregs Blog admin team

Look back here to earlier post last year in November on the Pyrite panel report and critical recommendations overlooked in the new building regulations

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An initial €10 million of funding has been announced by the Government to repair homes damaged by pyrite. (Journal.ie 16/10/13). Pyrite damaged homes are being rectified at taxpayer expense because there’s no ready system of redress for homeowners.

Although the stated objectives of the new regulations is to provide “traceability and accountability at all stages of the building process” (Minister Hogan 04/04/13), the consumer will be no-better off under the new regulations. A modified system of self-certification will continue and where the assigned certifier cannot be found, or the action for negligence fails , or the certifier no-longer has the means or the insurance to rectify the problem; it may be up to the taxpayer to once again step in and provide redress.

The best time to identify defects and remedy problems is during the construction, through a system of independent inspections. In 2012 The Pyrite Panel reported on the…

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