RTÉ Radio: Pyrite Alert

by Bregs Blog admin team


In this alarming radio piece on the “This Week” programme from Sunday 8th June on RTÉ Radio 1, the recent warning concerning pyrite affected blockwork is discussed.  New and very recent pyrite affected buildings appear to have been brought to the attention of the Department and Minister over 2 months ago, but are only coming to public attention now after recent alerts by professional representative bodies representing engineers and architects (ACEI and RIAI).

Listen to RTÉ Radio 1 podcast- click here

It is being alleged that current problems center around pyrite affected blockwork, a potentially more serious issue than previously affected pyrite affected ground floor slabs. Pyrite affected blockwork may require entire dwellings to be demolished; pyrete affected ground floors could be removed while leaving the overall building relatively intact.

We believe pyrite affected blockwork may have been detected in new housing in Drogheda and at least one school (under construction) in the Leinster region. It is not clear how this recent pyrite manifestation will affect certification (and certifiers) and the new system of building regulation introduced in March 2014, and it remains to be confirmed how certifiers can issue guarantees for building materials (like blockwork) in the absence of an independently certified and inspected system of quarries or building materials.

The cornerstone of the new bulding regulations was to be accountability and traceability of all materials, workmanship and professional input. This was to to eliminate issues such as pyrite- the Minister stated a “Clear and auditable trail” would ensure effective eliminate of a re-occurrence of the pyrite problems that permeated boom housing around the country. These new cases are notable as they appear to be recently completed or projects currently under construction.

Building control authorities are actively involved, as they are responsible for inspection of sites and building materials. A report is awaited from the Department of the Environment.

More information will be posted as it become available.

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