Minister-“Compliance matters that may go unnoticed…”

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Minister-“Compliance matters that may go unnoticed…”

Minister Phil Hogan commented in the Irish Times (click for quote here):

” I am aware that building control staff are already using the BCMS to intervene in a number of projects currently under way in relation to compliance matters that may previously have gone unnoticed

He is undoubtedly thinking of previous problems like the Navan apartments where the lack of a Fire Safety Certificate went unnoticed for seven years (See previous post here) .

However, since there are no new resources for Building Control Officers and they now have to do four site inspections for each spot-check building (previously it was one visit) – it is unlikely that that there will be any time at all to catch illegal developments, started without a validated Commencement Notice.

The local authorities who are unfamiliar with the new law are at the front-line advising professionals, builders and building owners, all of whom have significant financial investments at stake.

The building control departments were given no training or guidance in the 2 year run-in to 1 March: as a result the validation of hundreds of ‘short form’ Commencement Notices has now been called into question (see post on defective commencement notices here )

It seems inevitable that some regularisation measure will now have to be introduced, as projects started in the belief that a Notice was valid cannot be started again; the building control departments should not be left to deal with claims for this genuine mistake when the current owners have legal problems in the future.

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