Engineers Ireland CPD 10th June

by Bregs Blog admin team


The following CPD event summary was submitted on 11th June 2014.

Engineers Ireland (South East) hosted a CPD lecture on Tuesday 10th June 2014 at the Carlow Institute of Technology on the subject of “Working with the new Building Control (Amendment) Regulations: S.I. 9 2014”. The event was very well attended with approximately 60 engineers and architects present.

Presentations were made by Eoin O’ Dowd, Building Control Officer with Carlow County Council and Luke Goldsmith, a practicing fire safety consultant. Their presentations provided an overview of their experiences to date and focused on practical advice on interpretations of the regulations by the Building Control Authority and on undertaking the roles of design certifier and ancillary certifier with a specific regard to Fire Safety Certification.

The subsequent Q+A session was informative.

Mairéad Phelan, Senior Engineer at Fingal County Council who led the development of the Building Control Management System (BCMS) was in attendance. Ms. Phelan made the following comments in relation to the operation of the BCMS:

  • There are problems with online ‘Short Form’ Commencement Notices, 7-day notices and Completion Certificates, all of which must be submitted in hard copy.
  • There are 1300 or so Commencement Notices floating around in the BCMS. 800* of these have been validated and the remainder are mainly “absolute rubbish”.
  • The Department of the Environment’s S.I. 105 oversight committee meets weekly to assess possible derogations (exemptions) from S.I. 9 for education and health related projects.
  • Only one derogation has been granted under S.I. 105 to date for a school project in Co. Wicklow (since introduction of SI 105 on March 7th 2014).
  • The industry is on a steep learning curve as many participants [builders] are only beginning to wake up to the fact that there are Building Regulations in this country.
  • The BCMS hope to publish some examples of good Commencement Notice submissions as industry guides in the near future.
  • The BCMS acknowledges there have been problems in responding to requests for information and clarification. Ms. Phelan advised that the BCMS hope to rectify the email section the site shortly and invited those present to email her directly.
  • The BCMS website has experienced many teething problems since its introduction partly due to the fact that its developer’s first language was not English.

*Note: Bregs blog has requested clarification from the Department separately of this total: the documented number of validated commencement notices to May 26th is 509 on the Local Government Management Agency website here. Download excel document from website of BCMS-  register record: BuildingRegister26thMay (7)

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