8 Questions for Professional Insurer

by Bregs Blog admin team


The following opinion piece was submitted by a registered architect on 11th June 2014 in response to recent media reports of a re-occurrence of pyrite in a number of recently completed projects. We are currently asking some PI providers these questions and will be posting answers shortly.

8 Questions for your Professional Indemnity Insurer:

1. Please tell me any limitations on my policy under these new regulations? What does the small print mean for me?

2. Can I get a reduced policy if I’m not going to be an Assigned Certifier? What will it cost?

3. Is it possible to have a separate quote for Assigned Certifier role cover i.e. If there is a future problem it will not impact on my main policy for my role as an architect?

4. I’m not competent in all parts of the Building Regulations (structures or fire safety design, or energy calculations or whatever) and I’ll be relying on others. What is your advice?

5. Will my policy cover all of the Ancillary Certificates if the people who sign them don’t have their own Professional Indemnity Insurance- i.e. does my policy cover employees who act as Assigned Certifier in my company?

6. Will my policy cover continue for employees if they leave my employment? What happens the employee’s PII cover if I close my business and stop my policy?

7. Will premiums rise generally due to increased professional liability under BC(A)R SI.9?

8. Pyrite. If there is a failure due to pyrite am I covered?

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